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Ocean52 was created in 2018 with one simple goal in mind – to give more than we take. For our business model, this goal is both transparent and self-explanatory: 52% of all profits we take will be given to protecting our oceans. Both through partnerships with existing environmental organisations and our own ocean ambassadors, we’re on a mission to raise awareness and change behaviour.

In the case of our products, it’s a call to reduce the plastic in the ocean.

Reducing to a maximum the use of plastic from our entire range not only takes potentially ocean-bound plastic out of circulation, it makes it easy for all of us to become a little more conscious in our consumption.

In a world where corporate responsibility often seems to be little more than token gestures and greenwashing, we’re proud to make our commitment the basis of our name – ocean52

We are committed to full transparency of the recyclability of our packaging and ocean52 becomes the first beverage company to share the real recyclability of its packaging. 

Following the external review carried out by Dríade and endorsed by the UNESCO Chair of life cycle and climate change our cans have been confirmed to be 98% recyclable.

Our cans will now show the Driade Label

When our aluminum cans will be recycled, the new product will have the same properties as its previous life.