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When it comes to getting up close and personal with Mother Ocean, there’s nothing that compares to swimming. Created by ocean52 ambassador and celebrated Open Water Swimmer Miquel Sunyer, Via Braves is a public network of marine and open water routes in the Costa Brava and Barcelona region of Spain dedicated to open water swimming, and also to raise environmental awareness about the threat to our coastline’s marine flora and fauna, due to irresponsible seasonal touristic traffic practices.

Photo by Pelayo Salinas


Much maligned and misunderstood, sharks play an essential role in oceanic ecosystems, yet around the world they are being hunted to the verge of extinction. Simply put, the presence of these top predators indicates a healthy marine ecosystem, and understanding more about how these creatures adapt to a changing world is vital. We’re proud to support the research that marine biologist and ocean52 ambassador Dr Pelayo Salinas is conducting into the diet and habitat of Hammerhead sharks at the North Galapagos marine reserve.

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At ocean52, we believe that children hold the key to solving the environmental challenges that face us, which is why we’re collaborating with organisations like Water Family (France) and the Intsitut de Ciencies del Mar (Spain) to raise ocean protection awareness in schools. We’re also organising school workshops of our own: so far we’ve reached over 2000 kids, with lots more in the pipeline.


The more you know about the ocean, the more you love it. And the more you love the ocean, the more you want to protect it. Raising ocean protection awareness is at the very core of who we are, and it informs everything we do: from eliminating plastic in our drinks packaging, to beach cleanups, school workshops and various collaborations with our inspirational ambassadors.


Spending quality time on the shoreline is (literally) the next best thing to being in the ocean, and there is simply no better introduction to the subject of plastic pollution than a beach clean effort. Collecting waste that is left on, or washed up onto our beaches not only provokes an instant shift in awareness – it’s also fun, and hugely satisfying! That’s why collaborating with clean-up activists worldwide, as well as organising local beach clean-ups of our own, is such a priority for ocean52.


Kayaking is a great way to experience the world’s ocean and coastlines, which is why we’ve partnered up with SK Kayak in Costa Brava, Spain, where you can find our ambassador Raig Puig. We’ve also donated two kayaks made with recycled plastic from the ocean to raise awareness and promote ocean clean-ups. #paddleforplastic : We offer an hour of free kayaking with a kayak made of recycled sea plastic in exchange for collection trash from the sea. Go to www.kayakcostabrava.com for more info!


Defined by ocean52 ambassador and Eco-Swimming founder Miquel Sunyer as ‘recreational swimming or snorkeling in open bodies of water while collecting rubbish from the seabed’, Eco Swimming is a perfect way to combine safe, adventurous swim experiences with conservation. Our partner, Via Braves, is a public network of marine and open water routes in the Costa Brava and Barcelona region of Spain.